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Here are reports for all the Digital Service Standard assessments that have taken place so far.

Services covered by the Digital Service Standard need to be assessed against the standard. We publish assessment reports to increase government transparency and help other teams build simpler, clearer and faster services for all users.

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Digital Service Standard assessment reports
Stage Title Sort descending Type Date
Alpha ABS Census Digital Service – Alpha assessment DTA-assessed 29/03/2019
Beta ABS Digital Census – Beta Assessment DTA-assessed 11/03/2021
Alpha Adverse Event Management — Alpha assessment Self-assessed 31/01/2018
Beta Australian Healthcare Associates on behalf of Department of Health – Beta assessment Self-assessed 16/01/2019
Beta Australian Trade Mark Search — Beta assessment Self-assessed 21/12/2016
Live Australian Trade Mark Search — Live assessment Self-assessed 1/12/2017
Alpha BloodNet — Alpha assessment DTA-assessed 16/03/2017
Beta Bonded Return of Service — BROSS Self-assessed 29/08/2019
Alpha Bonded Return of Service — BROSS Alpha Assessment Self-assessed 14/05/2019
Beta — Beta assessment Self-assessed 13/01/2016
Alpha Citizenship appointment bookings — Alpha assessment DTA-assessed 15/12/2015
Beta Citizenship appointment bookings — Beta assessment DTA-assessed 3/05/2016
Beta Community Forum — Beta assessment Self-assessed 26/03/2018
Live Community Forum — Live assessment Self-assessed 19/07/2018
Alpha DHS Website Reform Project — Alpha assessment Self-assessed 11/05/2017
Beta DHS Website Reform Project — Beta assessment Self-assessed 19/06/2017
Live DHS Website Reform Project — Live assessment Self-assessed 23/08/2017
Live Digital Marketplace – Live assessment DTA-assessed 19/07/2018
Alpha Digital Marketplace — Alpha assessment DTA-assessed 1/08/2017
Beta Digital Marketplace — Beta assessment DTA-assessed 1/08/2016
Beta Digital Marketplace — Beta reassessment DTA-assessed 19/07/2018
Alpha GOV.AU — Alpha assessment DTA-assessed 4/02/2016
Beta Health Demand and Supply Utilisation Patterns Planning (HeaDS UPP) tool Self-assessed 8/02/2020
Alpha Identity IDP and Exchange — Alpha assessment DTA-assessed 8/09/2016
Alpha Improving child care attendance reporting — Alpha assessment DTA-assessed 1/09/2016
Alpha Lighthouse — Alpha assessment Self-assessed 5/09/2016
Alpha Medicare Newborn Enrolment — Alpha assessment DTA-assessed 22/03/2016
Beta Medicare Newborn Enrolment — Beta assessment DTA-assessed 26/04/2016
Alpha myGov — Alpha assessment DTA-assessed 11/01/2017
Alpha National Diabetes Services Scheme Enhancement project Self-assessed 20/12/2018
Alpha National Diabetes Services Scheme Enhancement project – Alpha assessment for Phase 1 Self-assessed 13/09/2018
Alpha National Diabetes Services Scheme Enhancement project – Alpha Assessment for Phase 2 Self-assessed 20/12/2018
Beta National Diabetes Services Scheme Enhancement project – Beta Assessment for Phase 1 Self-assessed 14/06/2019
Live National Diabetes Services Scheme Enhancement project – Live Assessment for Phase 1 Self-assessed 27/09/2019
Alpha People Centred Connected Care — Alpha assessment DTA-assessed 6/05/2016
Alpha Performance dashboard — Alpha assessment DTA-assessed 7/07/2016
Beta Performance dashboard — Beta assessment DTA-assessed 20/09/2016
Beta Primary Health Networks Program Electronic Reporting System (PPERS) Self-assessed 23/09/2020
Alpha Simplification of Information Collection — Alpha assessment DTA-assessed 29/07/2017
Alpha Simplifying imports service — Alpha assessment DTA-assessed 24/02/2016
Alpha Special Access Scheme — Alpha assessment DTA-assessed 1/12/2017
Alpha Starting a business — Alpha assessment DTA-assessed 6/04/2016
Beta Starting a business — Beta assessment DTA-assessed 26/05/2016
Beta Trade Mark Assist — Beta assessment Self-assessed 9/10/2017
Live Trade Mark Assist — Live assessment Self-assessed 21/03/2018

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