Digital Practice Circles

Digital Practice Circles is a peer-based, practice-based approach to coaching and mentoring. The aim of the program is to help build digital confidence, skills, connections and networks.

Who is Digital Practice Circles for?

We’ve designed the the program for emerging digital practitioners at APS 5, 6 and EL 1 levels wanting to build confidence and skills in digital capabilities. We deliver the program in small groups of no more than 14 participants. We can also customise and deliver the program to suit agencies with specific areas they would like to develop.

Open flexible learning

The Building Digital Capability team delivers the program in a flexible and open environment. We are testing different delivery formats to make sure the program meets user needs. The revised format will include a mix of both face-to-face and online delivery.

Digital Practice Circles draws from units in the APSC’s Digital Learning Standards

Participants can also shape and direct their own learning as they go, work together on solutions to real problems, and expand their working knowledge of digital skills and ways of working.

Connecting and networking

The Digital Practice Circles program gives participants the opportunity to connect and network with colleagues across the APS. It is a great opportunity to collaborate and discuss work-related areas of concern and solutions in a practical way. Questions and interactions also help shape the program and keep it relevant to participants at every stage.

Coaching and mentoring

The program provides a peer-to-peer approach to coaching as participants learn with and hear from other colleagues. The program also gives participants access to guidance and mentoring from capability experts for each topic. Experts bring new insights, knowledge and answer questions in each session.

Private beta delivery

We are delivering Digital Practice Circles in private beta to test the first 3 sprints of a 6-sprint program. We then evaluate and measure the experiences and outcomes to improve and iterate the service.


Participants of the Digital Practice Circles have the opportunity to:

  • collaborate with like-minded colleagues across agencies to develop skills and understanding of digital
  • connect and learn from others with access to successful working models
  • work through problems collaboratively
  • find support, advice, tools, and techniques to build confidence and professional development
  • gain exposure to digital vocabulary and concepts to communicate more effectively
  • make informed decisions about digital ways of working
  • gain further exposure to digital capabilities and explore career options
  • experience different digital roles to get a better understand what they are and how to perform them
  • become more familiar with agile methodology

Next sessions

Upcoming Digital Practice Circles will focus on cybersecurity and cybersafety. We’ll also look at the personal attributes needed for careers in those disciplines.

We’re also planning a practice circle on agile as a way of thinking and working. We’ll look at how an agile and user-centred approach allows you to be more proactive and respond easily to change in service delivery, setting up your team, technology and government policy.

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