Digital Career Pathways

The Digital Career Pathways program is transforming the way we see digital careers across the APS, making career options in government more flexible than ever.

Through the Building Digital Capability program, and the new work on digital career pathways, APS employees can get a clearer view of where they are in their careers, and how to navigate their career potential.

Digital career pathways and how it works

The program seeks to attract, build and keep the skills of APS employees to help with digital transformation.

We begin by determining the common roles in digital disciplines, followed by defining the skills, knowledge and other requirements for each role. We use the internationally recognised Skills Framework for the Information Age for the skills component.

Digital career pathways and APS staff

The career pathways, based on current research, will allow APS employees to discover how to use their existing skills in other roles, and provide insight into what new skills they might need to perform in those roles. This approach provides clear links between and understanding of the pathways between roles and disciplines.

People can learn how to move towards other roles or disciplines in a proactive way. This creates a lot more freedom and flexibility for career choices within the APS.

Our ‘APS Career Pathfinder’ tool is now in public Alpha stage
APS Career Pathfinder tool

There are 2 ways to contribute to this project.


The APSC and DTA will invite experienced practitioners to define the typical APS roles in their digital disciplines. 

Visit the DTA Eventbrite page for workshop details.

User research

We are conducting user research on how people find, explore and pursue digital roles in the APS at all stages of their career. This includes people who aren’t yet in a digital role but are considering a move in that direction.

If you are interested in participating as a research subject, please contact the Building Digital Capability team.

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