Strategic Planning

The Strategic Planning state (State 1) of the Commonwealth Digital and ICT Oversight Framework articulates the strategic direction for the Australian Government’s digital and ICT investment portfolio.

What happens at this state?

Strategic Planning articulates a clear direction for the Government’s investment in digital and ICT. This direction forms the expectation of how investment will most effectively deliver services and outcomes for the benefit of Australians, as defined in existing Whole of Government and Whole of Economy Strategies including the Digital Government Strategy.

Why is this important?

Strategic Planning supports the Government to build a mature digital capability to deliver on its digital and ICT objectives. By working closely with Commonwealth agencies, the DTA is able to present the Government with a clearer understanding of its current investments and identify key digital and ICT capability gaps. By having an agreed digital and ICT architecture and a shared view on common services and opportunities for the reuse of digital and ICT solutions across the Australian Public Service, the DTA is able to provide the Government with a clearer pathway to deliver its digital transformation. Strategic Planning ensures the Government’s investments in digital and ICT balances whole-of-government strategic digital and ICT priorities with individual agency outcomes and business needs.

What do agencies need?

Agencies must ensure digital and ICT-enabled investment proposals support the outcomes of existing whole-of-government strategies. Strategic Planning provides guidance to ensure agencies align achieving business needs with the strategic direction set by the Government, and that investments are addressing key capability gaps at a whole-of-government level.

What the DTA will do

To support the Government, DTA is working with agencies to identify key capability gaps across the whole-of-government landscape as well as opportunities for the reuse of digital and ICT solutions and platforms. The identification of key capability gaps will form the basis of how digital and ICT is prioritised.

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