Managing teams

Learn how to set up and manage a multidisciplinary team to design, build and maintain a service.

It's exciting to start something new. It's also challenging — designing services that meet user needs is complex.

If you can get the right roles in the team from the start you will build momentum and be able to start delivering and iterating sooner.

Meeting the Digital Service Standard

You must have the right roles in your team to meet Criteria 2: Have a multidisciplinary team of the Digital Service Standard.

The Digital Service Standard guides teams to build services that are user friendly, inclusive, adaptable, and measurable.

Roles in a multidisciplinary team

A multidisciplinary team has all the roles you need to build and run a user-centred service. Start working in a multidisciplinary team from the Discovery stage.

The roles and people you have in the team may change during Alpha, Beta and Live, but the team should always be multidisciplinary. You may need to upskill or procure to build the capability of your team.