Build and improve services

Building a service isn’t just about the task itself. To do it well, you need to create the right team and a culture of continuous improvement.

Having a team that is willing to work in an agile way is essential.

The right people will create a culture that will help you to follow the service design and delivery process. Working in this way lets you deliver the right thing to the people who need it.

Digital Service Standard

The Digital Service Standard guides teams to build services that are simpler, clearer and faster.

This section has guidance to help you meet the following criteria:

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Other content in this section

  • Service design and delivery process

    How to follow the agile design and delivery process: what you need to do in Discovery, Alpha, Beta, and Live stages.

  • User research

    Understand user needs, get support, plan research and analyse findings.

  • Managing teams

    How to set up multidisciplinary teams to design, build and maintain a service. Learn about roles and capability and why multidisciplinary teams work well.