How we engage

We work with people from across sectors and industries to deliver digital transformation.

Together we collaborate, showcase work, solve problems and explore best practice. We do this through a range of forums, roundtables and communities of practice.

We also provide advice on digital transformation and participate in a number of working groups and governance committees within the Australian Government.

Australian Government

We regularly engage with agencies across the Australian Government in both formal and informal ways.

Digital 10

Every month we host the Digital 10 Working Group to bring together Chief Information Officers and senior executives that represent:

CIO forum

Every six weeks we host a forum for Chief Information Officers (CIOs) across government.

PMO roundtable

Every six weeks we chair a roundtable of leaders from Program or Portfolio Management Offices (PMO’s) across government.

Private sector

We are exploring a formal partnership with the Australian Information Industry Association for greater private and public sector collaboration on digital transformation.

We also work closely with private sector organisations on various digital transformation projects.

Non-government sector

We are establishing formal engagements with the not-for-profit and non-government sector. Organisations include:

International engagement

It’s important for us to stay connected with the international community. This allows us to learn from their experiences, share our own, and include international ideas in our digital transformation work.

OECD digital economy

We represent Australia internationally on the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) for the digital economy. We join with 35 nations to explore ideas for an open and interconnected digital world including:

Learn more about the OECD digital economy forum.

Open Government Partnership

We are supporting the delivery of four commitments as part of Australia’s first Open Government National Action Plan to:

Learn more about Open Government Partnership.

Communities of practice

We support communities of practice for people working in all levels of government in Australia.

Learn more about the communities of practice.