Whole-of-Government Platforms programs now retired

Under The Public Service Modernisation Fund, from 2017 the DTA successfully developed a set of reusable digital platforms (Whole-of-Government Platforms), to help Australian Government agencies provide better services. These platforms have now been retired.

What we did

We developed 3 platforms so that all Australian Government agencies could change the way they deliver digital services and create a better user experience. The aim was to:

  • give users an easier and more consistent way of interacting with government

  • lower the cost of information and communications technology (ICT) for government agencies

  • reduce the need to customise processes and integrate new technologies

Why we did it

We wanted to demonstrate how government agencies could deliver better services. Rather than each agency using a custom-made solution, we demonstrated integrated and reusable platforms that are simple, quick, and cost effective to develop were possible.

The 3 platforms

Tell Us Once

Tell Us Once enables people to easily tell government agencies once about a change in their personal circumstances or a life event. They'll continue to control which agencies are updated.


Notifications allows government agencies to communicate with the users of their services in a secure and timely way that meets the users’ needs.

Payments In

Payments In enables people to pay government agencies using their preferred payment method. Agencies will be able to receive paid invoices and reports without having to manage differing and multiple payment types.

Whole-of-Government Platforms program retired

Under The Public Service Modernisation Fund, from 2017 the DTA successfully demonstrated a reusable set of digital platforms, developed a strategy and an interconnection standard that together showed how reusable platforms could be developed, interconnected and supported.

This program and platforms have played a key role in delivering on the DTA’s vision and reinforce our commitment to making services work for everyone, everywhere, regardless of their abilities.

The following platforms and outcomes have been delivered over the life of the program:

  • Digital Service Platforms Strategy, 2018
  • National API Standard, 2019
  • Data Exchange, Discovery, Alpha, 2018
  • Tell Us Once, Discovery, Alpha and Beta, 2019
  • Payments In, Discovery, Alpha and Beta, 2020
  • Notifications, Discovery, Alpha and Public Beta, 2021.

These platforms are now ready for others to take forward. The DTA will not be undertaking any further development for these platforms but we are now sharing to other government agencies the materials developed during the program through our GitHub open-source code repository.

Get in touch

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