Style Manual

The 7th edition of the Style Manual will move to Beta development during 2019.

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What is happening with the Style Manual? 

The Style Manual was the first whole-of-government style guide. First published in 1966, the 7th edition is now being developed by the DTA to reflect contemporary Australian Government house style and publishing requirements that apply to all government agencies.

This work is being overseen by an Australian Government working group and governance board. If you would like updates on the progress of this work, email or join our government content community by emailing

The DTA has now completed both the Discovery (research) and Alpha phase (prototyping) in line with the Digital Service Standard.

Read more about the DTA’s vision for the next edition.

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Where to get the Style Manual

The most recent version of the Style Manual is the 6th edition, published in 2002 by John Wiley & Sons, Australia. It’s available only as a paperback — it’s not available as an e-book or in other digital formats.

You can buy it at bookshops and online booksellers. You’ll also find it at some libraries. 

Booksellers who want to sell the book should get in touch with John Wiley & Sons, Australia.

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