Protected Utility for government

Protected Utility blueprint helps agencies transition to a cloud-based, modern desktop based on Microsoft 365. This capability is a consistent approach for collaboration and business operations.

Our aim is to standardise how government agencies operate their desktops. This also standardises how government agencies communicate and collaborate, and helps achieve a cyber security uplift across government.

The Protected Utility Blueprint

The blueprint is a design for a secure modern desktop for government agencies based on Microsoft 365.

The first iteration of the blueprint was launched by the Protected Utility Program in March 2020 and was developed in partnership with Microsoft and independent security assessors.

The blueprint can be viewed online at

It is developed on github so you can contribute and compare differences between releases.

How the Program supported agencies

The Program operated from December 2017 to June 2021 and supported several agencies in the transition to the blueprint. Through these engagements, the Program developed key supporting materials to enable the successful adoption of the blueprint. These materials have, and will continue to be, re-used to support other agencies. The Program also delivered training to Australian Government and industry staff in Microsoft 365 and Azure, with over 3000 registrations for the end user training and over 2000 registrations for the APS digital professional specialist courses.

With the closure of the Program, the DTA no longer provides ongoing engagement support and training. However, we still continue to support and update the blueprint so that it stays modern and up to date with the ISM. Agencies can then choose to make updates to their environment based on these updates.

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