Protected Utility for government

We are helping government agencies implement Protected Utility to standardise how teams communicate and collaborate across government.  

What is Protected Utility? 

The Protected Utility program delivers a secure, modern desktop, based on Microsoft Office 365. It brings together best-in-class productivity tools and facilitates cross-agency collaboration. It allows staff to create, store and share documents, host online meetings, instant message, manage team sites and project resources — and much more.  

The release of the first version of the Protected Utility Blueprint supports agencies to move to a cloud-based capability so teams can easily work together no matter where staff are located. 

Operate Protected Utility with peace of mind 

We developed the Protected Utility Blueprint in partnership with Microsoft. It helps agencies transition to a modern desktop based on the Microsoft Office 365 platform.  

The Blueprint includes configuration guides and security documentation which adheres to the Protected requirements for government information. 

It means you can handle data up to Protected knowing it meets the most stringent cyber standards. 

Benefits of Protected Utility  

Operational efficiencies  

Protected Utility helps you make better use of your resources, which allows you to focus on core business activities.   

Leverage the knowledge and expertise of the DTA  

Protected Utility allows agencies to make use of the skills and knowledge of the DTA to implement best-in-class productivity tools. It also provides the opportunity for a government-led community of practice to continually learn from each other.  

Improved service levels  

Some agencies are vulnerable to disruptions. Implementing Protected Utility and moving to a cloud-based service may improve the availability of services. 

Better communication and collaboration 

Protected Utility standardises how we work across government, making communication and collaboration safer and easier within and across agencies.  

Improved security posture  

Protected Utility can enhance your cyber security posture. It is designed to handle Protected data and it can help you with ASD’s Essential Eight maturity.  

Constant learning 

Protected Utility will continue to improve, evolve and grow with agency and whole-of-government needs. 

Build a future-ready workforce 

Protected Utility supports staff mobility, workplace flexibility and empowers your people with modern ways of working.  

Implementation options 

There are two ways to implement Protected Utility. 

Do it yourself  

We will provide you with the Blueprint and access to a cloud readiness assessment.  

Do it with you 

We will provide you with the Blueprint and, based on your cloud readiness assessment, we can help you make the transition which may include help with funding for the transition, technical support, and technical resources. 

Overview of the Blueprint 

The following documents show the solution overview for the Protected Utility Blueprint: 

To review the full set of documentation including the Security Risk Management Plan, System Security Plan, Incident Response Plan, Detailed Configuration Settings (As Built as Configured), and Standard Operating Procedures please contact us.  

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