Platforms in development

We’re working on platforms that will help Australian Government agencies provide better services.

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What we’re doing

We’re developing 3 platforms that all Australian Government agencies will be able to use. Our aim is to change the way agencies deliver digital services and create a better user experience.

The platforms will:

  • give users an easier and more consistent way of interacting with government

  • lower the cost of information and communications technology (ICT) for government agencies

  • reduce the need to customise processes and integrate new technologies

We’re talking to stakeholders, working with agencies and carrying out user-research to develop these platforms.

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Why we’re doing this

We want to transform the way government agencies deliver their services. Rather than each agency using a custom-made solution, they’ll be able to use the same integrated and reusable platforms.

These platforms will be simple, quick and cheap to deliver and will make government work for users.

We’ll follow the Digital Service Standard and the service design and delivery process. This will ensure we focus on the user experience and iterate rapidly as we develop the platforms.

The Public Service Modernisation Fund has provided us with the funding to work on these platforms.

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The 3 platforms

We’re working on the following platforms:

Tell Us Once

Tell Us Once will enable people to easily tell government agencies once about a change in their personal circumstances or a life event. They’ll continue to control which agencies are updated.

We’re working through prototyping and exploring the concepts identified in our discovery activity. 


Notifications will allow government agencies to communicate with the users of their services in a secure and timely way that meets the users’ needs.

We’re currently testing a platform called in private beta which will give agencies a simple, low cost way to send messages and reminders to their users.

Payments In

Payments In will enable people to pay government agencies using their preferred payment method.

Agencies will be able to receive paid invoices and reports without having to manage differing and multiple payment types.

We plan to start the discovery work for this platform in the second half of 2018.

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Get in touch

If you have any questions you can send an email to or call 02 6120 8707