Performance Dashboard

The Performance Dashboard helped promote government transparency and improve services by making their performance data open and accessible.

What this service did

The Performance Dashboard presented service data in a consistent and structured format so that government agencies could:

  • make quick data-driven decisions about how to improve their services
  • compare data across multiple government services
  • be open and transparent to the public about the performance of their services.

New services were added to the dashboard when they passed their Beta assessments against the Digital Service Standard.

Self-service editor tools helped teams maintain their service dashboards themselves. An application programming interface (API) enabled automated reporting to the dashboard.

The initiative ran from April 2016 to 30 September 2021.

Key performance indicators

The four key performance indicators (KPIs) used on Performance Dashboard created a simple measurement framework that helped teams measure metrics about their users’ experience.

These KPIs included:

  • user satisfaction – to help continually improve the user experience of a service
  • digital take-up – to show how many people are using the service and to help encourage users to choose the digital service
  • completion rate – to show which parts of the service need improvement
  • cost per transaction – to make the service more cost efficient

Government teams were encouraged to use more than these four metrics, such as:

  • error rates
  • time to completion
  • costs, benefits and return on investment
  • content metrics (readability, length).

These suggested metrics were not mandatory to participate in the Performance Dashboard.

You can find a copy of the Performance Dashboard on the National Archives of Australia’s Archive of Australian Government websites.

What else we’ve built

The Performance Dashboard team also developed the National Cities Performance Framework Dashboard.

This dashboard tracks the progress and performance of Australia’s largest cities against the Australian Government’s Smart Cities Plan.

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