Measurement and governance

We support governance structures and prioritise decision making to enable collaboration across agencies and jurisdictions. This is strongly linked to measuring the impact of the things we deliver in a consistent way across government.

What we do

Through measurement and governance, we:

  • support the Australian Data and Digital Council (ADDC) through the Life Event Working Group (LEWG)
  • champion the uptake of the life event approach through the governance layers
  • provide an evidence base and prioritisation framework to help the ADDC and LEWG endorse life events and initiatives
  • maintain and evaluate the Principles for National Service Improvement which help guide collaboration between jurisdictions on life events.

We also created and can provide an adaptable measurement framework for any life event initiative. This includes principles to guide the measurement process and a set of metrics to measure the impact of initiatives.


  • Support and recommendations are provided to different governance structures.
  • Prioritisation and evaluation of life event journeys and life event initiatives.
  • Measurement framework is used to assess the impact and outcomes of life event initiatives.
  • Iteration of the framework to keep it aligned to ADDC, jurisdiction and DTA needs.

We can work with you to:

  • adapt the prioritisation framework to your needs
  • link agencies working on an ADDC-prioritised life event initiative through our governance structures
  • guide and provide advice to agencies working on life events initiatives
  • assist you when you are putting together a proposal or business case and want to set metrics for success
  • assist if you need general advice on measurement and how to apply measurement frameworks to your programs.

Get in touch

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