We drive change across government to provide seamless, connected services and improve people’s user experience during key life events.

The GovX program aims to identify opportunities for service improvements by:

  • focusing on key objectives under the Digital Transformation Strategy
  • collaborating with stakeholders to map end-to-end holistic user experiences during key life events
  • working in partnership to support agencies and jurisdictions to deliver service improvements.

What we do

Mapping and analysis

We conduct research and analysis to create a strong evidence base. This is used to influence and inform user-centered design across government for key life events.

Life event communities

We bring agencies and jurisdictions together to connect current initiatives, understand the shared problem space and identify improvement opportunities. We also work with agencies to build capability and awareness of teams in the life event approach, to make sure of the longevity and consistency of projects and programs across whole-of-government.

Measurement and governance

We assist agencies and jurisdictions to measure the impact of their projects and programs in a consistent way across government. We also support governance structures with prioritisation and decision making, to enable collaboration across agencies and jurisdictions.

Alpha experimentation

We collaborate with key agencies to test the hypotheses reached at the end of the Discovery phase. The key outcome is to experiment with different concepts to make sure the solutions meet user needs.

Who engages with our communities?

The GovX community is active across government and non-government agencies. We have:

  • more than 750 community members
  • 680 online members
  • 90 government and non-government agencies

For more information or to learn more about our work please visit our Life Event Communities.