The Observatory’s goal is to understand how people interact with government online and supports entities to provide better digital services for all Australians.

About the Observatory

The Observatory measures interactions with services using Google Analytics which tracks and reports website traffic to domains. Through advanced analysis techniques to non-personally identifiable data we are able to understand visitor trends and peak use of digital services.

Entities who join the Observatory are also provided with reduced Google Analytics licencing costs, regular training and support as part of the whole-of-government arrangement.

Joining the Observatory

Entities wanting to join the Observatory must agree to Observatory Terms of Service and complete the Observatory Subscription Form.

The DTA will review subscription requests and inform agencies of the outcome within five (5) business days.

Terms of Service

The Observatory Terms of Service outline provisions of the whole-of-government Google Analytics Subscription Service.

Subscription Form

Entities that would like to join the Observatory are required to complete the Observatory Subscription Form and agree to the Observatory Terms of Service.


For the latest information on the Observatory including support, upcoming training, webinars and Google Analytics releases.



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