Google Analytics for government

We make it easier and cheaper for Australian Government agencies to analyse website data with Google Analytics 360.


Our Google Analytics 360 contract

Google Analytics is a software tool that helps teams understand how people use their websites. It has a free version and a paid-for version called Google Analytics 360 (GA360).

We’ve negotiated a contract with Google Analytics 360 so that you don’t need to. If you’re already using the free version of Google Analytics, this subscription provides you with better service for no extra cost. Any Australian Government agency can sign up.

Our contract lets your agency upgrade one, some or all of your websites. Only one agreement between your organisation and the DTA is required, so you only need to subscribe once.

We work with certified Google experts to provide support and free training on Google Analytics 360. This training is available to both subscribed and unsubscribed agencies. All training sessions are listed on Eventbrite and all public servants in Australia are welcome.

The contract makes it easier and cheaper for agencies to access a data analytics product. It also saves money for the Australian Government as a whole.

Benefits of using Google Analytics 360

There are several benefits of using GA360 instead of the free version.

More reports

Google Analytics 360 gives you instant access to extra reports, including Custom Funnels to measure user journeys more effectively and Advanced Analysis to compare usage patterns against multiple user segments.

More data points

Google Analytics 360 allows 200 custom dimensions and metrics (the free version has only 20). This gives you a more comprehensive view of your users’ experience.

Faster processing time

The free version of Google Analytics refreshes every 24 hours. GA360 refreshes every 2 hours or less. This means faster access to the most up-to-date data.

Unsampled data

Google Analytics 360 gives access to unsampled data and has higher sampling thresholds for more accurate ad-hoc reports over longer date ranges.

No configuration changes

The upgrade process is seamless. You don't need to change your existing processes, code, property IDs or reports.

Improved privacy

GA360 data cannot be shared without agency consent, unless required by law. It also has functionality for stricter privacy protocols and visitors to your site can be fully anonymous while still providing great use data.

How to access Google Analytics 360

To subscribe and upgrade to Google Analytics 360, you can either:


Because ours is a whole-of-government contract, each new agency that joins unlocks more savings for everyone subscribed. The free tier of service we offer means that smaller agencies can save time and money.

Our contract fees are calculated on a cost recovery basis, based on the number of billable hits per month across all of a subscribed agencies websites.

The cost of different levels of access to Google Analytics 360
Tier Billable hits per month  Annual price (AUD$)
Free 0 to 1m 0
1 1 to 10m 20,000
2 10 to 100m 25,000
3 100 to 500m 35,000
4 500m to 1b 50,000
5+ over 1b 50,000 + 27,000 per 500m hits over 1b

Notes: A hit is an interaction that results in data being sent to Google Analytics, such as page view, event, e-Commerce or social interaction tracking hits. Billable Hits are defined by Google, and we use the Billable Hit Volume listed in an agency's existing Google Suite Administration (if available) to estimate the appropriate pricing tier.

More information about our invoicing and payment arrangements can be found in our Terms of Service.

Meeting the Digital Service Standard

GA360 is a tool that can help your agency meet the Digital Service Standard.

1. Understand user needs

Google Analytics 360 provides information on how users are navigating your websites. As part of your discovery process, this information can help you understand user needs.

3. Agile and user-centred process

Insights from website analysis allows you to continually evaluate and improve services, based on what users want and need. You can use data to test hypotheses and validate changes for better user experiences.

4. Understand tools and systems

Our training helps you use Google Analytics to measure the success of your digital services.

10. Test the service

Website analysis allows you to continually test your service, and experiment across environments without needing separate tools or services.

11. Measure the service

Website data is one way web teams can measure whether they are meeting expected outcomes and performance indicators. 

By providing this service, we’re meeting our own standard

The Digital Transformation Agency supports government to deliver high-quality digital services. Great services depend on evidence-based decisions, and website data analysis is key to keeping pace with your user’s changing needs and expectations.

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