6. Foster collaboration and innovation across Government and beyond

Developing and delivering digital platforms will require a broad range of people, skills and experiences.

Not all of these will exist in government, nor will it necessarily need to come from within government. It is crucial to understand how government can collaborate across all levels of government to leverage existing capabilities, as well as access leading capabilities from experiences by co-innovating with industry, academia, non-profit organisations, and commercial entities of all sizes from startups to global companies. 

How we will achieve this

Have a shared purpose with common goals and priorities across government

The Strategy defines a vision for whole-of-government digital platforms. The DTA will help promote this vision and strategy and to work with departments and agencies to agree a set of goals and priorities for Digital Platforms.  

This can be achieved through clearly defined accountabilities and using a tiered, fit-for-purpose performance management framework. In addition, designing benefit sharing models will help to promote higher levels of collaboration across the government.  

Explore organisational and reward structures that promote cross-agency collaboration

We will develop new and creative ways to reward and recognise departments who work across organisational boundaries to develop digital platforms that support improved service delivery and policy outcomes.  

We will explore practical cross-organisational structures and arrangements like 'boundary spanner' roles that focus on facilitating collaboration across agency and policy boundaries. 

Use life events as guideposts for collaboration

This approach aligns with the Digital Transformation Strategy, ensuring people’s needs are at the heart of our policy and service design.

The DTA are already working on whole-of-government definitions of life events. Taking a ‘life event’ approach to policy and service design drives the need for cross-agency collaboration, allowing a user’s needs to be viewed holistically. 

Understand the role of the market, and how to work with them

By having a clear understanding of the role and capabilities of the market will help government and market to co-innovate on whole-of-government challenges. We will promote collaboration with the market through increased interoperability by:

  • sharing data where possible, with appropriate consent
  • being transparent about the problems that need to be addressed and the priorities as well as the planned roadmap of investments from government
  • providing documentation, developer portals, and ensuring strict adoption of interoperability standards like API standards
  • having more formalised and consistent ways to co-innovate with the market
  • accessing innovative technologies to provide easy-to-use and fast digital services for users

Extend collaboration to all layers of government

We will encourage collaboration with state, territory and local governments by:

  • identifying and re-using services built by state, territory and local governments to provide whole-of-government services where possible
  • recognising which digital platforms are better executed by state, territory and local governments and supporting them to build these platforms
  • engage state, territory and local governments through reference groups and governance forums, such as the Australian Digital Council (ADC) where appropriate
  • making whole-of-government platforms available to state, territory and local government

How we will operationalise this

Our Digital Platforms Operating Model consists of the following components that provide further details on how we will foster collaboration and innovation across government and beyond:

  • governance
  • performance
  • the role of the market