Australia has one of the world's most advanced public sectors with the Commonwealth Government introducing a broad range of digital initiatives over the past decade.

These government initiatives have already seen the development of easy-to-use digital services that facilitate better policy decisions and faster, cheaper delivery. The global UN E-Government Survey 2018 ranks Australia No.2 in the world behind Denmark in e-government performance and effective delivery of public services.

Our vision is to make it simple and fast to get things done with government, through any channel. Whole-of-government digital service platforms are critical to realising this vision. They provide common business capabilities, such as making a payment or updating your details, which can be utilised by people and businesses.

Providing common, reusable business capabilities through digital service platforms benefits:

  • people and businesses – through convenient, secure and reliable access to government services through any channel
  • government at all levels – through 'reusable building blocks' that are quick and easy to adopt, removing the need for agencies to design, build, test, and operate these capabilities themselves

At a whole-of-government level, digital service platforms will:

  • encourage innovation and interoperability where both the government and market can collaborate to drive innovation 
  • build public trust and confidence in government's handling of sensitive and personal data 
  • support the integrity of the government ecosystem and services offered by government
  • increase government's agility and responsiveness to meet changing circumstances and expectations
  • increase the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery by shifting service delivery to faster and better digital channels and removing duplicated effort across government

The Whole-of-government Digital Service Platforms Strategy outlines how we will achieve the benefits of reusable platforms. It is also supported by the digital service platforms operating model, a separate document that provides guidance on how to operationalise the Strategy. Contact for a copy of of the guidance document. In addition, detailed documents will be developed to provide further guidance on building and adopting digital service platforms.