Gatekeeper Public Key Infrastructure Framework

This framework explains the requirements for issuing digital keys and certificates.

What this framework does

The Gatekeeper Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Framework governs the way the Australian Government uses digital keys and certificates to assure the identity of subscribers to authentication services.

Subscribers can include individual users, organisations and devices, such as applications and computers.

The framework sets out the requirements for organisations to become accredited to issue digital keys and certificates for use in government for PKI-based authentication.

Policy requirement: the Gatekeeper PKI Framework states that Australian Government agencies must only use digital keys and certificates issued by a gatekeeper-accredited organisation for PKI authentication.

Gatekeeper accreditation covers the issuing of digital keys and certificates to subscribers that need to work in:

  • open environments, such as the internet
  • closed environments, such as communities of interest
  • hybrid communities

Assessors from the Information Security Registered Assessor Program (IRAP) assess providers. They also audit them annually to make sure they comply with the Gatekeeper PKI Framework.

If a service provider contracts you to carry out an IRAP assessment you can get in touch with us to ask for a list of their approved documents.

Checking legal documents

The Gatekeeper Legal Evaluation Panel checks legal documents for organisations applying for gatekeeper accreditation.

It also does this for service providers who want to amend legal documentation they’ve previously had approved.

Accredited service providers

The Gatekeeper Competent Authority has granted accreditation to the following services:


Service type

Accreditation date

DigiCert (formally Symantec)

Certification and Registration Authority

September 2015

Australia Post (KeyPost)

Registration Authority

December 2001

Cogito Group Registration Authority, Certification Authority and Validation Authority 11 October 2021

Department of Defence

Certification and Registration Authority

17 May 2007

Department of Industry and Science

Validation Authority

6 January 2011

Medicare Australia

Certification Authority

29 June 2011

Verizon Australia

Certification Authority

16 February 2012

Australian Taxation Office

Certification Authority

30 April 2013

Registration Authority

June 2019

Property Exchange Australia Limited

Certification Authority

1 October 2014

Registration Authority

June 2019

Policy background

The framework replaces the following policies, which no longer apply:

  • National e-Authentication Framework
  • Third Party Identity Services Assurance Framework

More information about the framework

Download the following documents to find out more about the Gatekeeper PKI Framework:

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