COVIDSafe app

The Australian Government developed COVIDSafe to help keep the community safe from coronavirus (COVID-19). COVIDSafe assists state and territory health officials to contact you if you have been in contact with someone with COVID-19. It was launched on 26 April 2020 and is an important and effective public health initiative.


How COVIDSafe works

Since its launch, it has been an important tool helping to keep Australians safe from further spread of coronavirus. With over 7 million registrations, it has one of the fastest per capita take-up rates in the world.

The COVIDSafe app uses Bluetooth signals from mobile devices to determine when a person is near another COVIDSafe app user. The app securely records this information. This is so that state and territory health officials can contact you if you have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.

COVIDSafe doesn’t reveal the identities of anyone with COVID-19. COVIDSafe will never track your location.

The technology behind COVIDSafe

On 8 May 2020, we released the source code behind the COVIDSafe app in a GitHub repository. To learn more about the technology used to build the COVIDSafe app, visit background to COVIDSafe.

COVIDSafe updates

We iteratively develop the COVIDSafe app to enhance its performance and the privacy and security of users. We regularly release COVIDSafe updates based on feedback from users and the technology community.

All the latest information about updates to COVIDSafe is on the news and blogs section of the DTA website. We encourage users to regularly update their app through the Apple app store and Google play store or by allowing automatic updates. This will ensure you benefit from all the improvements we’re making.

You’re in control of your information

The DTA was appointed as the National COVIDSafe Data Store Administrator under the Privacy Act 1988 to manage the data collected by the COVIDSafe app. You can request to have your registration information removed from the National COVIDSafe Data Store or report a potential privacy breach. The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner provides further information about your privacy rights.

We only collect minimal information from you. None of that information is accessible without your consent. When the Minister for Health declares the end of the pandemic, we will destroy all COVIDSafe app data. To find out more about how the COVIDSafe app uses your data, view the App Privacy Policy (available in over 60 languages).

How you can help

We encourage you to download and use the app. The app is more effective when more people register to use it. It is free to download on iOS and Android devices. It is available in 9 languages other than English.

Further information

Visit the COVIDSafe website to find out more about privacy and security. You can visit for information about the Government’s response to COVID-19.

Get in touch

For troubleshooting or general enquiries contact, visit the COVIDSafe help page or call 1800 020 080.

We continue to welcome feedback about the application’s source code. You can email