Australian Government Style Manual

The digital edition of the Australian Government Style Manual is now in public Beta.

The Australian Government Style Manual (Style Manual) is the authoritative source of rules and guidance for government writing and editing. Our aim is to make all government communication clear and consistent.

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Style Manual ready for review

Style Manual is now in public Beta. This means that it’s ready for you to review online. We want to hear from you now to find out if we are on the right track.

There is a feedback form on every page. Please use this form to tell us what you think. Your feedback is most helpful when it is specific and actionable. As well as telling us what we can improve, we’d also like to know what you think is working well.

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Style Manual development

An Australian Government governance board and working group are overseeing development of the Style Manual. This helps us make sure that it is useful to everyone who works in government writing and editing.

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Get in touch

If you have any questions you can get in touch with us at ​

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