About Domainname.gov.au

Domainname.gov.au helps government agencies set up and maintain their website domain names.


What this service does

Domainname.gov.au provides information for government agencies on how to use the gov.au web domain.

It provides links to domain name registration services and helps government organisations to apply for a gov.au domain name.

The platform also provides guidelines on how to manage a domain name and policies on gov.au domain names.

What is a domain name?

A domain is a unique identifier for a website. For example, dta.gov.au is our website’s domain name.

Using gov.au in a domain name is a way to identify government websites.

Gov.au can only be used on websites run by Australian Government, state and territory government and local government bodies.

Who can use this service

All authorised employees from the following governments can use domainname.gov.au:

  • Australian Government

  • Australian Capital Territory

  • New South Wales

  • Queensland

  • South Australia

  • Victoria

  • Western Australia

Domainname.gov.au does not provide services for the Northern Territory or Tasmania.

How you can use the service

You will need to complete one of the online forms on domainname.gov.au.

Domain name requests

You should go to the drop-down menu and select the government you're applying for (state, territory or Australian Government). Once you've filled in the form it's sent to your designated administrators.

State and territory forms are sent to the domain administrator of that state or territory. If the administrator approves the domain name they will then forward the request to us for action.

Requests from Australian Government agencies are sent directly to us for approval and action.

Changes and removal

Contact us using this form to change or remove a domain name. You will need to confirm the details by replying to an automatically generated email.

We will deal with your request when you've confirmed the details.

Get in touch

If you have any questions please contact domainname.gov.au.