Buying data centre space and services

We make it easier for government buyers to buy data centre space and services. We do this by bringing together approved suppliers in the Data Centre Facilities Supplies Panel.

What is this panel?

The Data Centre Facilities Supplies Panel is a group of suppliers who provide data centre space and services.

Who the panel is for

Non-corporate Commonwealth entities

Non-corporate Commonwealth entities must use this panel when they’re buying data centre space and services.

Other government buyers

The following government buyers can choose to use this panel:

Benefits of using this panel

Greater reliability

We have assessed all panel members to make sure they provide good reliability. Their data centres have a high degree of ‘availability’ and ‘redundancy’, which means they’re able to operate continuously for long periods of time.

This reduces risks to core business for government buyers.

Quality assurance

We have selected panel members through an open tender process. This reduces the procurement and legal costs for government buyers.

Ease of comparison

All panel members provide detailed service descriptions and pricing models. This allows buyers to compare different data centres and choose the types and levels of service they need.

Lower environmental impact

Buyers can consolidate their data centre sites by moving to one supplied by a panel member. This helps buyers to reduce their data centre footprint, their costs and their environmental impact.

Better monitoring and reporting

Using a panel member can lead to better visibility of running costs and better management practices. For example, power and cooling costs become clearer.

Panel members

Members of this panel include:

  • Australian Data Centres
  • Canberra Data Centres
  • Datacom
  • Datapod (Australia)
  • Digital Sense Hosting
  • Equinix Australia National
  • FrontierDC
  • Fujitsu Australia
  • Hewlett Packard Australia
  • iiNet
  • iseek Communications
  • Macquarie Telecom
  • NextDC
  • NTT Com ICT DC Solutions (Australia)
  • Vocus Data Centres

Please get in touch with us before contacting these panel members so we can let you know about any updates to the list.

Using this panel

Before using this panel

You should consider your data centre requirements 18 to 24 months before one of the following trigger events:

  • expiry of an outsourcing contract
  • major asset replacement
  • building move
  • end-of-life of a data centre
  • significant change in a data centre’s capacity

You’ll need to get in touch with us so that we can advise you on the best panel members for your requirements.

These requirements include timelines, space (in square metres), power and power densities (in kilowatts per rack), additional services, location preferences and dependencies.

How to use this panel

You can use this panel through the ICT Procurement Portal

We recommend that you then:

Policy information

This panel was set up as part of the Australian Government Data Centre Strategy 2010-2025.

Government buyers who use this panel must comply with the following policies and processes:

Standing offer number

The standing offer notice ID number for this panel is SON2402841.

Closure of the previous panel

The previous Data Centre Facilities Panel is being closed. All current leases will continue until their natural end.

Government buyers should use the newer panel, which offers better pricing and terms and conditions than the older one.

Get in touch

If you have any questions you can send an email to or call 02 6120 8705.