Digital Sourcing Fair Criteria Policy

The Digital Sourcing Fair Criteria Policy, which takes effect 1 July 2019, increases fairness in digital sourcing by allowing more companies to sell to government, regardless of their size or previous experience with government. 

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The Digital Sourcing Fair Criteria Policy (the policy) is effective 1 July 2019.

The policy should be implemented prior to scoping proposed solutions and drafting requirements. It does not replace other procurement processes.

The policy applies to Non-Corporate Commonwealth Entities, as defined by the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013. Corporate Commonwealth Entities may apply the policy.

Under the policy, the Fair Criteria Checklist (the checklist) must be completed for each procurement of digital products and/or services with a whole-of-life cost of $80,000 or greater (GST inclusive). The procurement threshold is $80,000 (GST Inclusive) at Paragraph 9.7a of the Commonwealth Procurement Rules. If the threshold is changed, this policy will automatically apply the new threshold.

Agencies are still encouraged to complete the checklist for each procurement below this threshold.

The policy does not apply:

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The Australian Government agreed to the ICT Procurement Taskforce recommendation for ‘adopting a framework for ICT procurement that includes ICT procurement policy principles to guide decision-making’.

The Digital Sourcing Fair Criteria Policy is one of the priority policies under the framework.

The policy aims to:

  • give agencies access to a competitive, vibrant and diverse market of sellers
  • address the imbalance between sellers who already have access and new players
  • guide the development of outcomes-focused requirements and documentation
  • ensure agencies provide better feedback to sellers
  • improve visibility of opportunities available across government for all sellers

The policy does this by providing government buyers with a checklist. The checklist helps agencies ensure fairness when sourcing digital products and/or services.

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Fair Criteria Checklist

The Fair Criteria Checklist must be completed for each applicable procurement of digital products and/or services. This should be done prior to scoping proposed solutions and drafting requirements.

The checklist outlines each stage of sourcing and provides agencies with advice on how to meet the fairness criteria.

To complete the checklist, visit the ICT Procurement Portal. Once you register or sign in, you will then be automatically directed to the checklist. Your checklist can be saved in the Portal and be submitted at any time.

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Our guidance provides helpful advice on completing the Fair Criteria Checklist. Each checklist activity has a direct link to the relevant part of the guidance.

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Digital Sourcing Journey

Prior to applying this policy you should consider the Digital Sourcing Consider First Policy. The Digital Sourcing Consider First Policy needs to be considered during identification of business needs and prior to a decision to invest.

The Digital Sourcing Contract Limits and Reviews Policy needs to be considered where planning a procurement activity.

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