Establishment of a new category for Enterprise Resource Planning Products and Service Solutions on the Software Marketplace

The Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) will approach the market in 2024 for Enterprise Resource Planning solutions. This blog explains the procurement process to implement the new category.

The Government is taking a new approach for the Australian Public Service (APS) to access competitive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions.

The new APS ERP approach replaces the Shared Services Transformation Program and sets the strategic direction for how the APS will manage its ERP corporate systems, underpinned by the principles of choice, market competition, and affordability.

The DTA will be offering the opportunity for businesses that provide ERP products and service solutions to apply to join a new category under the Software Marketplace. Non-corporate Commonwealth entities will be required to use the DTA’s ERP category following its establishment in mid-2024.

We will be engaging with industry sellers and government agencies throughout the establishment of the new category to ensure that it delivers a fit-for-purpose arrangement that supports increasing competition in the ERP market and drives the uplift of government services delivery.

The new category aims to be in place by mid-2024 and will be established through three independent stages.

Suppliers should note that the first two stages are optional, whereas the final stage is required to apply to sell ERP products and service solutions through the new category.

1. Request for information

A Request for Information will be published on AusTender in the coming days.

This Request for Information (RFI) will ask for companies who have the capability to provide ERP products and service solutions to register through the RFI. Suppliers will be asked to provide company details, information on their relevant products and services and estimated pricing. The DTA will use this information to create a Market Research Directory (directory). The directory aims to assist government agencies to gather information and market intelligence on ERP products and service solutions.

2. Industry review of the Request for Tender documentation

A draft engagement pack will be released to industry for review which will contain the draft Head Agreement, Statement of Requirement and information on the application process. This feedback will validate whether Commonwealth requirements will be easily met by the market, whether the tender documents contain a full set of the requirements, and whether there are any legal or compliance considerations that have not yet been addressed before the DTA formally undertakes a Request for Tender. 

3. Request for Tender 

An open tender process will be published under the Software Marketplace in February 2024. All new sellers, and existing sellers on the current Software Marketplace who offer ERP products and services will need to apply to sell services under the new category.  

Interested suppliers should register for AusTender updates to be notified when each stage is open for response.

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