How the Architecture is used

The architecture will be used in different ways by government, agencies, and industry to support investment decision-making.

The architecture has 4 main users:

  • government – secretaries, central agencies, cross-agency groups
  • agencies – large, medium, and small agencies
  • industry – private sector groups including technology vendors and media.
  • Australian community – which includes individual citizens and businesses.

The architecture has different use cases for each user group.

Government will use the architecture to inform investment prioritisation and decision making. Government will benefit from the architecture providing insights to identify opportunities for strategic investment in the capabilities required to meet whole of government strategic outcomes, and from the guidance provided through the assessment of investment proposals to ensure they are aligned with the agreed strategic direction and policies of government.

Agencies will use the architecture to inform forward investment planning and architectural design. Agencies will benefit from the architecture providing clear strategic direction for whole of government digital transformation to inform their investment planning. Agencies will also benefit from clear visibility of what other digital capabilities exist or are planned across government to enable identification of opportunities for cross agency and whole of government collaboration and reuse.   

Industry will use the architecture to better understand the Government’s digital agenda. Industry will benefit from the architecture providing transparent information about government investment priorities and key focus areas for government in investment oversight.

Citizens and businesses will use the architecture to understand how the Government is investing to improve the delivery of more consistent and connected government services.

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