Women in IT coaching and mentoring

The DTA is committed to improving gender diversity in senior IT roles within the Australian Public Service. Find out about the coaching and mentoring programs currently on offer, and what we’re planning for the future.

What are the Women in IT programs?

The Women in IT programs support the career progression of women currently working in Information Technology (IT) in the Australian Public Service (APS). The goal is to attract and retain talented women with IT skills within the APS, and to increase the gender diversity of senior IT employees.

The program is made up of a number of different streams for women (and those who identify as female or as genderless) at different stages in their careers.

Executive mentoring program (EL2)

The Women in IT executive mentoring program is for talented EL2 women who are looking to progress their career within IT.

In this program mentees are matched with a mentor from another department or agency for 12 months. The mentor is typically a Chief Information Officer (CIO).

The program involves:

Nominations and cost

Nominations for the 2018/19 program closed in August 2018. We will update this page when nominations are open for the 2019/20 program.

The program costs $2750 per mentee (including GST but excluding travel). There is no charge for a mentor’s involvement.

The program will take place in Canberra. Mentors and mentees from interstate are welcome to take part.

Coaching program (EL1)

The Women in IT coaching program is for talented Executive Level 1 (EL1) women who want to gain leadership skills in their field.

This 12-month program provides high-quality executive coaching in small groups.

The program includes:

The course covers the following leadership skills and topics:

You can read more about the coaching program format and content.

Nominations and cost

Nominations for the 2018/19 program are open until 19 October 2018.

Download and complete the participant registration form.

The program costs $5000 to $6600 per participant (including GST but excluding travel). The cost will depend on the final number of participants and their location.

The program will take place in Canberra as well as in other cities (Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide or Brisbane) depending on interest. Sessions outside Canberra will only run if there are 8 or more participants in that location.

Please note that participants outside Canberra may need to attend a small number of events in Canberra. Agencies would need to provide funding for this travel.

History and funding

The Women in IT programs were founded by Dell Australia and New Zealand in 2005 and were launched for government in 2007 — in collaboration with the Department of Finance.

In December 2016, responsibility for and coordination of the programs moved from the Department of Finance to the Digital Transformation Agency.

Dell supports Orijen Consulting to facilitate and manage the day-to-day activities of the programs. Agencies and departments are invoiced directly by Orijen for participation.

Who to contact

If you would like further information or to nominate one or more of your staff for the program, please email womeninIT@digital.gov.au