Gatekeeper Public Key Infrastructure Framework

Managing the technology that supports authentication

The Gatekeeper Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Framework governs the use of digital keys and certificates by the Australian Government to assure the identity of subscribers to authentication services. Subscribers can include individual users, organisations and non-human devices, such as applications and computers.

The Framework sets out the requirements for organisations to become accredited to issue digital keys and certificates for use in government for PKI-based authentication.

Policy requirement: the Gatekeeper PKI Framework states Australian Government agencies must only use digital keys and certificates issued by a Gatekeeper-accredited organisation for PKI authentication.

Gatekeeper accreditation covers the issuing of digital keys and certificates to subscribers that need to work in:

Providers are assessed by Information Security Registered Assessor Program (IRAP) assessors. The services are audited by IRAP assessors annually to ensure compliance with the Gatekeeper PKI Framework.

If you are contracted by a service provider to undertake an IRAP assessment you can request a service provider’s list of approved documents by contacting

Gatekeeper documents:

The role of the members of the Gatekeeper legal evaluation panel is to evaluate the legal documents for organisations applying for Gatekeeper Accreditation and Service Providers amending previously approved legal documents submit, as part of their documentation suite.

Gatekeeper accredited service providers

The following services have been granted accreditation by the Gatekeeper Competent Authority.

Provider Service type Accreditation date
Symantec (eSign) Certification Authority 31 March 2000
Australia Post (KeyPost) Registration Authority December 2001
Department of Defence Certification and Registration Authority 17 May 2007
Department of Industry and Science Validation Authority 6 January 2011
Medicare Australia Certification Authority 29 June 2011
Verizon Australia Certification Authority 16 February 2012
Australian Taxation Office Certification Authority 30 April 2013
Property Exchange Australia Limited Certification Authority 1 October 2014

Gatekeeper accreditation applicants

The following service is undergoing Gatekeeper accreditation:

Last updated: 5 January 2016