Digital identity for people

The Australian Government digital identity provider is called myGovID.

You can create a myGovID digital identity online as part of a series of pilot programs which are rolling out from late 2018. As the pilot programs roll out, we’ll continue to use agile development methods to adapt and align with user needs.

In the future, myGovID will be one of a number of identity providers. You will be able to choose which provider you use to access government services online.

The first pilot using myGovID is an end-to-end digital Tax File Number application process. The new process means that instead of completing a form, printing it and then taking it with your identity documents to a post office, the entire transaction can be done online using myGovID as proof of your identity. This will reduce the waiting time for a Tax File Number from up to 30 days to only a few minutes.

There are a total of eight pilot programs which will be completed by 2019. Over time, you’ll be able to access more government services over the internet using myGovID.

Creating a digital identity to access government services online is entirely your choice. If you prefer, you can still call or visit a government service centre in person.

Creating your myGovID

The initial myGovID system will be available as an iOS mobile application, for iPhone 6 and later. Further down the track, you will be able to create a myGovID from your desktop computer.

Setting up your myGovID will take less than 10 minutes and involves just a few steps.

You will be asked to provide a mobile contact number and email address. You will then be asked for details from some of your existing identity documents, for example, the number on your driver’s license, passport or Medicare card.

Once you have provided these details, a government organisation that holds these records will verify the information you enter about yourself. For example, the number on your birth certificate would be confirmed by the registry of births for the state you were born in. This is done electronically in only a few seconds.

In order to access some services that need a high level of identity proofing, you may need to provide a photo of yourself.

It’s possible to create a myGovID without a photo, but it will only be able to be used to access government services which do not need photo ID.

You will only need to complete these steps once to create your myGovID account. After it is set up, all you will need to access a government online service is your registered email address and a code sent via the myGovID app.

What happens to your data

You will have control of your personal information at all times and nothing will be shared without your permission.

The myGovID system keeps your name, date of birth, email and phone number but discards the details of your personal identity documents and your photograph once your identity is confirmed.

When accessing government services, the digital service won’t see your personal information and myGovID won’t know what service you’re accessing.

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