Selling ICT products and services to government

Any size and type of business can sell to the Australian Government. If you sell Information and Communication Technology (ICT), this information will help you understand how to sell your products and services to the Australian Government.

Selling ICT products and services to government means that you will need to follow some rules and understand how the government buys products and services.

Government departments and agencies usually buy ICT products and services through open approaches to market or through whole-of-government arrangements. How they choose to buy ICT products and services is based on the procurement rules and their agency requirements.

How to sell ICT products to government

Search for opportunities

Opportunities to sell to the Australian Government are published on AusTender. Government agencies also publish their annual procurement plans.

To stay up to date, register your business through AusTender and follow the progress of planned procurements by adding the proposals to your watch list.

If you are offering digital or ICT services, you should register with the Digital Marketplace where you will find a list of available opportunities.

Apply for opportunities

The way you apply to sell to government depends on what you are selling.

If you are a selling digital or ICT services you can apply for opportunities on the Digital Marketplace. You will need to register and request an assessment. Once this is complete you can apply for open opportunities.

If you are selling ICT hardware, cloud services or phone and internet services, you may need to join a panel.

Joining a panel

A panel is a group of sellers that have been evaluated as being able to sell specific groups of products and services to government departments and agencies. If you want to sell products and services that are part of a panel arrangement, you will need to join that panel.

The current ICT panels cover:

To join a panel you need to apply at the time that the panel is being set up or updated. When this happens, we will invite all potential sellers to make a submission — this is called an approach to market. These opportunities are advertised on AusTender.

The panel submission process:

  1. You will be asked to demonstrate how you meet the requirements of the panel.
  2. Your submission is evaluated against the selection criteria.
  3. You are notified if your submission is successful.

If your submission is successful, you must sign an agreement with the Commonwealth of Australia (as represented by the DTA) and be able to respond to quote requests by government entities.

You will be offered feedback if your submission is unsuccessful.

Win business

To win business with the government, you will need to demonstrate that you offer value for money.

The Department of Finance provides general advice about winning business with the Australian Government.

Procurement rules

Australian Government departments and agencies follow the Commonwealth Procurement Rules when making purchases. The basic principle of government procurement is value for money.

It is useful to understand how agencies buy ICT products and services before becoming a seller.

Stay updated

You can follow ICT Procurement updates as well as AusTender to get notifications about new panels and updates of existing panels.

From time to time, we will also ask for your feedback.

Any questions can be sent to