Buying ICT products for government

Buying ICT products and services for your department or agency is made easier through ICT coordinated procurement arrangements. These are set up to save your agency time and money.

How to buy ICT products and services

Non-corporate Commonwealth entities

If you are a non-corporate Commonwealth entity you are required to use a coordinated procurement arrangement if you want to buy:

If you want to buy cloud services such as subscription software, cloud-based platforms, cloud storage and supporting services you can use the Cloud Services Panel — it is not mandatory.

If you’re looking for specialist digital service or purpose-built software you can use the Digital Marketplace.

Corporate Commonwealth entities or State and Territory governments

If you are a Corporate Commonwealth entity or from a State or Territory government, you can use most coordinated procurement arrangements and the Digital Marketplace.

Microsoft software licences are available through coordinated procurement for federal non-corporate Commonwealth and corporate Commonwealth entities only.

Procurement rules

When buying products and services, Australian Government agencies need to follow the Commonwealth Procurement Rules, the PGPA Act 2013, the PGPA Rules 2014 and your agency’s Accountable Authority Instructions.

More information on buying for government is available on the Department of Finance website. Check with your procurement officer or finance team for more information about procurement rules, or contact the Department of Finance for general policy advice at

Types of procurement


Panels are groups of evaluated suppliers or sellers who offer ICT products and services that are commonly used by government agencies.

Panels allow you to buy products and services, and enter into contracts under a standard set of terms and conditions.

Sellers on a panel are appointed to a panel to supply goods or services if they have met the requirements of the panel’s open request for tender process.

The panels that we manage are:

Volume sourcing arrangements

Volume sourcing arrangements let the government combine its purchasing power to get better prices and terms and conditions. This approach is used for commonly used products and services such as Microsoft licensing.

We are working on setting up new sourcing arrangements to help you save money on other products and services. More information will be provided on the updates page as these arrangements are settled.

Digital Marketplace

The Digital Marketplace is a digital environment to make procurement of digital outcomes and specialists easier. There are currently over 500 approved sellers from around Australia.

Learn more about the Digital Marketplace

How we can help

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