Trusted Digital Identity Framework

The Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) will work across government and with the private sector to develop a Trusted Digital Identity Framework (the Framework) to support the Government’s Digital Transformation Agenda.

The Framework will establish a set of principles and standards for the use of accredited government and third-party digital identities to enable individuals and businesses to access services easier.

This will involve establishing a common strategic approach to identity across government and preventing agencies from investing in bespoke solutions.

This will mean that individuals and businesses will no longer have to prove their identity multiple times to government when accessing services.

The Framework will provide users with choice and control in establishing their digital identity. The wider use of digital identities will improve access to services, new products and markets for consumers and industry, and more productive ways of doing business.

It will also reduce the burden of managing the ever-growing number of unique digital credentials.

For government, it will deliver significant efficiencies and savings, avoiding the duplication of services, infrastructure, maintenance, licencing, and sustainment costs.

The Framework will also take into account privacy and security requirements consistent with the Australian Privacy Principles and existing government security standards.