New services for individuals

The Government is committed to continuing to improve and expand the myGov service.

The myGov service currently has more than 6.5 million active accounts, with the number of new accounts growing by approximately 15 000 each day. It provides access to secure digital services from multiple government agencies, and more services will become available over the coming 12 months.

Digital Mailbox

The current myGov digital mail service commenced operation in March 2014. The service has delivered more than 45 million letters to Centrelink, Medicare, and Child Support customers since commencement of service. The Australian Taxation Office commenced using the service in March 2015.

This initiative will see the service connected to more agencies and allow Australians to receive and transact with more and more messages from government in one place, in a seamless, secure, and authenticated environment.

Tell Us Once

The current myGov Tell Us Once solution will be enhanced and made available to more agencies over the coming months.

The solution enables the millions of Australians that change their contact details every year to update their information in myGov and have this sent to myGov linked agencies, rather than having to do it through a variety of digital, face-to-face or telephony channels.

The ability to update details in one place and have one login will save Australians time and money.

Voice authentication

The Government is establishing a better voice biometric authentication solution to make it quicker and easier for Australians to access telephony and mobile service delivery channels.

The solution will leverage work underway within the Department of Human Services and the Australian Taxation Office, and make it much easier for individuals to access secure services through government call centres or mobile devices.