New services for business

The Government is committed to making it quicker and more affordable for business to transact with government online and will deliver a number of significant new services for business.

A new Digital Business Account

A new Digital Business Account will be created to make it easier for the more than 2 million Australian businesses to access government services in a safe and secure online channel.

The new account will incorporate a digital mailbox and a ‘Tell Us Once’ service.

As with the myGov service, this will mean that businesses will be able to receive messages from government agencies in the one secure account and enable businesses to update their contact information once, and for this information to then be sent to relevant government agencies.

The new account will become available in mid-2016 and replace the existing Australian Business Account.

Complementing the AUSkey system, businesses will be able to use myGov credentials for their transactions with government.

This will provide a streamlined user experience and reduce the regulatory burden for businesses.

It also means that businesses will be able to interact with government in one place rather than via a variety of digital, face-to-face, or telephony channels across multiple agencies.

Streamlining Business Registration

The Digital Transformation Agenda will also support the implementation of a streamlined business registration service announced in the Growing Jobs and Small Business package.

Business registration will be streamlined with a single online registration space for business and company registrations, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) will be provided to enable software developers to offer online registration services and the number of business identifiers will be reduced. Simplifying the business registration process so applicants only have to fill in one online registration form will save time and money, and reduce frustration.