Better grants administration

The 2015-16 Budget provides funding of $106.7m over four years to establish a simpler and more efficient whole-of-government grants administration process.

The work, to be managed across multiple agencies, will produce a standardised and scalable common grants management process across government, thereby replacing multiple existing systems and processes.

This will involve the development of two administrative hubs, once which will deal with grants for individuals or community organisations and one which will deal with businesses.

This will benefit individuals and businesses by quashing the need to navigate diverse systems and practices.

In addition, government grants’ applicants will no longer have to supply the same information multiple times.

This will save individuals and businesses time and money. It will also create a better user experience, allowing applicants to discover, register, and pre-qualify for grants that match their profile.

For government, it means no longer assessing grant applications in silos, resulting in better targeting of applicants and greater visibility of grants across government.

A data warehouse will also be established to give government greater ability to analyse grants’ data and to better manage and target grants funding.