COVIDSafe Driving the digital transformation of government information and services, making them simple, clear and fast. en DTA publicly releases COVIDSafe application source code <p>Today we released the source code for the COVIDSafe application. Members of the public who agree to a set of terms and conditions can view the source code.</p> Digital Transformation Agency Increased adoption and accessibility for COVIDSafe app users <p>Release 5 of COVIDSafe includes improved backwards compatibility for Android users and additional accessibility improvements.</p> Digital Transformation Agency COVIDSafe improvements continue with additional multilingual support <p>More users can now download and use COVIDSafe. The update also improves Bluetooth performance, accessibility, and notification and security messages.</p> Digital Transformation Agency COVIDSafe helps slow the spread of COVID-19 <p>COVIDSafe is an important part of the Government’s COVID-19 response. With over 7 million registrations, we are continuously updating it to support manual contact tracing.</p> Digital Transformation Agency COVIDSafe update delivers improved registration process <p>Today’s update to the COVIDSafe application provides an improved registration process and user experience.</p> Digital Transformation Agency COVIDSafe captures close contacts with the new Herald Protocol <p>COVIDSafe better captures close contacts with the new Herald Protocol.</p> Digital Transformation Agency COVIDSafe includes COVID-19 restrictions & improved battery usage COVIDSafe introduces new features to allow Australians to stay informed about COVID-19 restrictions. Digital Transformation Agency The next release of COVIDSafe is live <p>The COVIDSafe app update brings user experience and accessibility improvements, as well as enhanced security.</p> Digital Transformation Agency More people in Australia can now download and use COVIDSafe <p>This update to COVIDSafe lets more people use the app, and provides improvements for both iOS and Android users.</p> Digital Transformation Agency Better notifications, privacy, and performance for COVIDSafe <p>Today’s update means COVIDSafe complies with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 Level AA. It also provides further Bluetooth reliability enhancements, and improvements to notification messages, privacy and security.</p> Digital Transformation Agency