Digital sourcing and ICT procurement Driving the digital transformation of government information and services, making them simple, clear and fast. en Leveling the playing field <p>The DTA recently brought together a team of experts from across the public service to research how we can increase fairness by improving digital sourcing.</p> Digital Transformation Agency Request for Tender for new Cloud Marketplace <p>We've released a Request for Tender to establish a new Cloud Marketplace. Sellers of cloud offerings to government can apply to join this arrangement through the RFT process.</p> Digital Transformation Agency Digital Sourcing: Selling to government and responding to opportunities Digital Sourcing Network online event: Selling to government and responding to opportunities. Digital Transformation Agency Have your say on how we buy digital products and services <p>The DTA is seeking feedback on the way in which public servants buy digital products and services. </p> Digital Transformation Agency New AV and smart device categories for the Hardware Marketplace <p>Request for information on the new categories for the Hardware Marketplace for Audio Visual and Smart Devices.</p> Digital Transformation Agency Introduction to DTA’s single-seller arrangements (buyers) <p>Want more information on our Single-seller arrangements?</p> Digital Transformation Agency Cloud Services Panel awards over $100 million in contracts <p>The Cloud Services Panel has reached a significant milestone, awarding contracts in excess of $100 million across 201 opportunities since launch.</p> Digital Transformation Agency The Telecommunications Marketplace is open for business <p>The new Telecommunications Marketplace launches with 11 categories, making it easier for buyers and sellers to do business together.</p> Digital Transformation Agency Have your say on buying telecommunications products and services <p>We have released a request for information for a new whole-of-government Telecommunications Panel. The new panel will make it easier for government to buy telecommunications products and services.</p> Digital Transformation Agency Explaining DTA Marketplaces and Whole of Government Agreements <p>Explainer videos to help government buyers and sellers of digital goods and services connect with each other.</p> Nicole Bain