Digital identity Driving the digital transformation of government information and services, making them simple, clear and fast. en Digital identity explained <p>A simple guide to myGovID and how the digital identity program will help you access more government services online. </p> Digital Transformation Agency Understanding authorisation for digital identity <p>Australia’s digital identity program will give you a secure way to prove your identity online, letting you access more government services when and where you want. Sometimes it might be necessary to authorise someone else to act on your behalf. </p> Andrew Kim How we’re developing the policy behind digital identity <p>Building a safe, secure and easy-to-use digital identity system for Australia is complex. Products, services and government agencies need to work together to deliver everything from the technical platform to the rules and standards that support the system. Director of digital identity policy, Shannon Peterson takes us behind the scenes of these rules and standards, also known as the Trusted Digital Identity Framework (TDIF).</p> Shannon Peterson Testing digital identity <p>The Australian Government has started testing myGovID with real people and services.</p> Digital Transformation Agency Collaborating with South Australia on digital identity <p>The Minister for Human Services and Digital Transformation, Michael Keenan and the Premier of South Australia, Steven Marshall have committed to collaborate on Australia’s digital identity program.</p> Digital Transformation Agency Third release of the Trusted Digital Identity Framework <p>Following the consultation period in January, we’re releasing part 3 of the TDIF, which includes 3 new documents and updates to 9 existing documents.</p> Digital Transformation Agency Digital Identity - early days in the Discovery process <p>An explanation of what the DTO did in the early days to develop a Trusted Digital Identity Framework.</p> Rachel Dixon Public consultation open for the digital identity framework <p>We’ve released the third part of the Trusted Digital Identity Framework for public consultation.</p> Digital Transformation Agency