Cloud Driving the digital transformation of government information and services, making them simple, clear and fast. en Buckle up, browser changes ahead <p>Soon a popular browser will warn your website visitors if there is no secure connection backed by a valid certificate. It’s an easy fix — here’s what we did.</p> Adam Eijdenberg Cloud Services Panel awards over $100 million in contracts <p>The Cloud Services Panel has reached a significant milestone, awarding contracts in excess of $100 million across 201 opportunities since launch.</p> Digital Transformation Agency IP Australia’s agile governance approach <p>IP Australia is driving an ambitious transformation agenda. They’re putting customers at the center, and using approaches like agile, continuous delivery and DevOps, to transform the way they operate.</p> Rob Bollard Cloud panel opens for new sellers <p>The Australian Government’s Cloud Services Panel is opening for sellers of cloud products and services.</p> Digital Transformation Agency DTA #DevOps: What to do when you have a BOSH outage <p>BOSH is an open source project that is used to package, deploy and manage cloud software. We recently had an outage within one of our BOSH environments which taught us a few things about BOSH we wanted to share.</p> Digital Transformation Agency Cloud Assessment Tool (CAT) <p>The Cloud Assessment Tool allows government agencies to decide whether they're ready to move to the cloud.</p> James Kingsmill New sellers added to the Cloud Services Panel <p>Following a successful tender process, which closed in August 2018, we are adding more sellers to the Cloud Services Panel.</p> Digital Transformation Agency