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This glossary will grow as guidance evolves. If you have found a term that needs to be defined here let us know.

Digital Transformation Coordinator
A Digital Transformation Coordinator is the person/s who coordinates the digital transformation agenda within a portfolio. This includes acting as the primary person for liaison between the Digital Transformation Agency and the portfolio or agency.
Interactions are the multiple communications that an individual or business has with government to complete a transaction or obtain information. This includes contacting government via phone, mail, email, in-person or via fax.
Multi-agency access clauses
Clauses to support where more than one Commonwealth entity approaches the market together or where an entity accesses another entity’s established contract or standing offer arrangement (known as ‘clustering’ or ‘piggybacking’). It enables entities to reduce expenditure by sharing administration costs and utilising their combined economies of scale. See Guidance on multi-agency access provisions.
Indicates an absolute requirement.
Transactional services include interactions with the government. From filing tax returns to setting up a company: everything which involves sharing information, requesting services, buying goods, asking for permission, or paying money.
Information services include the publishing of information to help citizens and businesses in their engagement with government.
Existing service relates to a service already provided by an agency through any channel.
New service includes any new policy that results in establishing a service for users, for example Paid Parental Leave service.
Indicates a recommended course of action.
Should not
Indicates a course of action that is not recommended.
A transaction is a single exchange carried out between an individual or business and government to achieve an outcome. For example, registering to vote or applying for a passport.

Last updated: 23 July 2015