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Common solutions

Using common solutions to design better services

We can improve the user experience and efficiency of our services by using common government solutions and shared platforms wherever possible.

There are several common solutions, platforms and web services already available across government or under development in the Digital Transformation Agency (DTA). We have a consolidated list of all common platforms and web services which are available for reuse by agencies and some by third parties. We will keep this list up to date, and below is some additional information on a few common platforms the DTA is involved in. If you know of any additional common platforms or web services, please contact us.

Tell Us Once

We’re working to make it easier for people to ‘Tell Us Once’ about their changing circumstances. For individuals, this means they will be able to update their contact details once via their myGov account and have the update shared with Centrelink, Medicare and the Australian Tax Office. In June, we will expand this to include email address and phone details and extend it to more services.

For businesses, were working on a Tell Us Once service using Australian Business Register.

myGov Inbox

Another shared platform we’re working on is the myGov Inbox. The myGov Inbox is a government digital mail service for people enabling them to receive government mail electronically rather than by paper. A few agencies like Centrelink and Medicare are already using the myGov Inbox and the Australian Tax Office will commence using it shortly.


We’re working on the development of a National Trusted Digital Identity Framework designed to ensure a consistent approach to identity, authentication and authorisation across all our services.

We are working with agencies and the users of our services to see how best to improve and expand these common solutions across government. As with all new government services and solutions, Tell Us Once and myGov Inbox are built on open, interoperable standards.

Common government solutions

Last updated: 19 September 2017