9 Make it accessible

Ensure the service is accessible to all users regardless of their ability and environment.

Why it’s in the Standard

You need to make sure everyone who needs your service can use it. This includes people with disabilities and older people, and people who can’t use, or struggle with, digital services.

Your service must be accessible to users regardless of their digital confidence and access to a digital environment. This includes users in remote areas and users’ different devices.

How you’ll be assessed

During the Discovery stage you will have developed a good understanding of how your users may access your service. To make sure everyone will be able to use your service you need to show:

During the Alpha stage, you should be able to show:

During the Beta stage you will be developing your service and you must ensure accessibility requirements and needs of all your users are being met.

You will need to show:

As you go live you will need to show:

Inclusive services

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Last updated: 6 May 2016