Enhanced myGov

The Enhanced myGov Program will transform myGov into a contemporary and sustainable online platform that can adapt to the changing needs of people and Government delivering a flexible, scalable, digital platform for use across Whole-of-Government.

It will ensure myGov connects government for customers, to create intuitive and personalised experiences.  Delivering a platform that meets the demand for digital services, and eases pressure on shopfronts and helpdesk assisted service channels to focus on critical services.

Enhanced myGov will mean people have a tailored and personal experience based on their preferences and previous interactions, supporting greater transparency, understanding and access to the breadth of information and services available.

The Program provides a front door to government services, aiding in meeting the Digital Government Strategy to have ‘all Government services available online by 2025”.

What is the program of work?

The program is delivered in partnership between the DTA and Services Australia and funded for two years.  

The Enhanced myGov program will extend and industrialise the current myGov Beta (beta.my.gov.au) and reuse improved components from the current myGov platform.

By the end of the first year, the program will ensure all users of the current myGov can access the Enhanced myGov platform.

Thereafter, the program will focus on the enhancement of capability, including new functionality and optimising the user experience for users and government services.

Becoming a member service

The way a member service onboards will align with the overall vision of myGov, particularly around support of life events.

Enhanced myGov supports integrated life events and how existing experiences can be iterated with future events – tell us once type functions.

To find out more about the onboarding process, please contact us at mygov@dta.gov.au

The services available through myGov will gradually increase.

The current catalogue of services available through myGov are:

Our role in myGov

The Digital Transformation Agency provides strategic leadership and oversight to drive the government digital transformation that delivers benefits to all Australians.

Our role within the Enhanced myGov Program includes the engagement of potential member services, providing legislative and policy advice, and ensuring the Government’s policy and whole-of-government objectives are prioritised and delivered throughout the current and future program.

Services Australia are responsible for the delivery, operations and management of myGov.  They manage governance of the Program, including , user experience design, technical and operational deliverables.