3. Use technology and data to connect and unify government services

Existing digital government services have often been developed by individual agencies for their own specific needs, which sometimes leads to inconsistent user experiences across Government

These inconsistencies are driving a disconnected view of Government and also leads to a perception of inefficiencies and duplication. Flexible, interoperable and scalable platforms can provide consistent service delivery performance and reduce duplicated effort across Government by providing reusable common services and functionality while allowing flexibility for agencies to maintain agency-specific business rules and data.

How we will achieve this

Adopt a common reference model to deliver consistency, not uniformity

The DTA will define a reference model for Digital Platforms, supported by design principles and standards, to provide an appropriate level of guidance by outlining platform components and how they should be organised, while allowing for a variety of architecture patterns to be implemented. This allows Digital Platform owners to make architecture decisions specific to their platform.

The DTA will help Digital Platform owners adopt the common reference model and provide suggestions of recommended architecture patterns for their consideration.

Create flexible and extensible technology

By adopting open architectures and open standards, digital platforms will be able to move between technologies, and allow departments and agencies to easily adopt digital platforms.

The DTA will provide technology and data principles that encourage flexible architectures which are essential for platforms to remain relevant.

We will develop digital platforms that enable developers to extend and build new functionality on the platform over time. Supporting and engaging with the developer community will be important for the continual evolution of digital platforms so that they continue to meet future needs.

Develop integration standards, including API standards, to support platform interoperability

The DTA will develop interoperability standards, including API standards to enable connectivity across Digital Platforms and other existing systems. By exposing functionality through APIs, Digital Platforms are able to connect with other platforms and services. The ability to share functionality and data across government will be integral to the efficient operation of Digital Platforms, and effective service delivery to end users. Defining interoperability standards will help to establish a common communication method between platforms and enable them to be quickly adopted by consumers of digital platform services.

How we will operationalise this

Our Digital Platforms Operating Model consists of the following components that provide further details on how we will use technology and data to connect and unify government services:

  • technology and data

In addition, the API Standards document provides guidance on integrating Digital Platforms.