2. Transform our culture, skills and capabilities

The Australian Government’s vision for 2025, as described in the Digital Transformation Strategy, is to be a world leading digital government for the benefit of all Australians. 

In order to achieve this, the government must develop a collaborative and innovative culture, and the skills and capabilities needed for Whole-of-Government digital platforms.

How we will achieve this

Shift to a Whole-of-Government mindset

We will think of ourselves as working for the Australian Government first, and our department or agency second. We will co-create common objectives and goals, identify shared opportunities and needs, and actively encouraging cross-departmental approaches.

Embed innovation into our normal work day

We will apply innovative thinking and an entrepreneurial spirit into everything we do. An innovative culture will encourage new ideas and new ways of solving problems. We will provide a risk tolerant environment that supports and incentivises experimentation and testing of new ideas.

Adopt new ways of working

We will continue to use agile and human-centred approaches defined in the Digital Service Standard and bring together diverse multidisciplinary teams to bring the right skills and capabilities to better understand user needs, design more effective services, and deliver solutions with greater efficiency.

We will improve knowledge sharing across departments and agencies through initiatives that share training and learning resources, as well as offer developer portals that provide community-based support to help digital platform onboarding and implementation.

Develop critical digital capabilities for whole-of-government digital platforms

We will equip our people with the right mix of strategy, management, commercial and technical skills necessary to successfully deliver and operate Digital Platforms. The DTA’s Building Digital Capability initiative has already identified 12 critical digital skills for further development:

  • agile delivery management
  • content design
  • digital foundations
  • user research
  • service design
  • accessibility
  • digital performance analysis
  • product management
  • cyber security
  • technology lead
  • digital service management
  • interaction design

How we will operationalise this

Our digital platforms operating model consists of the following components that provide further details on how we will transform our culture, skills and capabilities:

  • skills and culture
  • capabilities and processes