1. Build trust and confidence

One of the key elements for success is establishing public and cross-government trust and confidence in digital platforms. This includes addressing public concern about how personal information is accessed, shared and used. It also requires confidence in the performance and availability of digital platforms.

How we will achieve this

Empower users by providing choice and control, aligned to policy and legislation

When designing and developing digital platforms, users will be provided with choice over how their data is used. While user needs are important, this must be balanced with policy, legislative and security requirements.

Ensure digital platforms are stable, available and resilient

Digital platforms will need to be built to meet user and technical requirements for stability, availability and resilience. Digital platforms will support consistently high quality experiences, no matter which device or channel users choose to access them.

Be open and transparent

We will adopt an open and transparent approach to encourage active engagement with digital platforms. The DTA will help promote trust and confidence in government services and platforms by exploring a number of approaches that can be used to provide transparency, including:

  • defining data policies and standards that are easily accessible and understood
  • developing FAQ pages that break down complex information
  • creating community engagement and communications programs
  • providing visibility of successes and lessons learned
  • collaborating with departments and agencies, as well as industry on open standards

Define a whole-of-government approach to protection, privacy and the ethical use of data by digital platforms

We will define a consistent approach to the way whole-of-government digital platforms ensure protection, privacy and the ethical use of data. A whole-of-government approach does not necessarily mean all digital platforms will have the same security measures, but it is about having a consistent approach and process to address cyber security requirements and risks.

The DTA will provide guidance for digital platforms that is in line with the mitigation strategies set out by the Australian Signals Directorate but additionally provides guidelines that are specific to whole-of-government digital platforms.

How we will operationalise this

Our digital platforms operating model consists of the following components that provide further details on how we will build trust and confidence:

  • governance
  • performance
  • technology and data