Six keys to success

In order to sustain the Australian Government as a world leader in digital government services, we will need to make concerted effort using a whole-of-government (WofG) approach.

As more and more digital platforms are implemented, the long term growth of digital platforms across government will be challenging to manage and maintain.

We will need to make investments in the right areas that make a significant, valuable impact and enable digital platforms to deliver the benefits and outcomes expected. We have identified 6 keys to success that will help to fully realise the benefits of digital platforms:

  • build trust and confidence – we will need to earn the trust and confidence of the public, governments and other users of digital platforms
  • transform our culture, skills and capabilities – we will need a culture that cultivates innovation, and access to the right people with the right skills and capabilities to make digital platforms successful
  • use technology and data to connect and unify government services – we will develop digital platforms that are interoperable, flexible and extensible
  • strengthen digital leadership, governance and accountabilities – we will define clear roles and accountabilities to govern digital platforms
  • address funding and legislative barriers – we will work across government to remove barriers that stop or hinder cross-government collaboration or adoption of digital platforms
  • foster collaboration and innovation across government and beyond – we will collaborate and engage with a much broader audience to fully realise the benefits of digital platforms