APS Career Pathfinder - Public Alpha Prototype second release

The Digital Transformation Agency is developing the APS Career Pathfinder as a tool for you to explore digital roles based on your skills and/or interests. It allows you to see the skills required for roles and identify possible skill gaps.

This is a prototype. We are asking for feedback so we can make the experience better and get your thoughts on the approach we have taken.

Start exploring your career potential

Please provide feedback via this online form.

You can also send general feedback, including screen shots to help explain any issues or suggestions you have to capability@dta.gov.au.

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System requirements

Access the Alpha Prototype from a desktop device using a modern browser such as the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, or Edge. The tool also supports Internet Explorer 11.

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Known issues

  • We have not yet optimised for mobile devices such as phones or tablets. Please access the tool from a desktop device during this Alpha period.
  • We have implemented some links to learning solutions in this prototype to demonstrate how this will work, but there are not a lot of examples. The Infrastructure Engineer role is one example.
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Get in touch

For further information, please email capability@dta.gov.au