Trust framework milestone

21 September 2018

The Trusted Digital Identity Framework sets out the rules and standards that will build a nationally consistent approach to digital identity in Australia.

It’s being delivered in a number of parts. The first part was published in February 2018.

Today we’re releasing the second part of the framework that includes:

  • 6 new documents that detail technical information and the rules and standards for creating a digital identity offline

  • updates to 5 existing documents

  • a summary of the feedback received during consultation

The framework now consists of 16 documents including an overview and glossary.

These documents set the standard for:

  • how personal information is handled by participating government agencies and organisations

  • the usability and accessibility of identity services

  • how the identity system is secured and protected against fraud

  • how identity services are managed and maintained

  • how this framework will be managed

During the development of this framework we consulted with the financial sector, privacy advocates, digital identity experts, government agencies, state and territories and the public. The feedback we received helped us refine and review the documents.

The next part of the framework will be released for consultation in December 2018. It will create the rules and standards which will allow an individual to interact with government on behalf of a business.

Further updates to the framework, to allow individuals to interact on behalf of other individuals, will be released in 2019.

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