Testing digital identity

31 October 2018

The Australian Government has started testing myGovID with real people and services.

We’ve been working across government to deliver a safe and secure digital identity program. This includes the Commonwealth’s digital identity provider, myGovID.

To make sure we get it right, myGovID is being built and delivered in an agile way. This means we’ll be testing and refining the system in controlled environments before it becomes more widely available.

Today, we announced the start of the first pilot program. myGovID will be tested with a new online system for tax file number (TFN) applications. This is the first time myGovID will be used by real people for a real service, and using real data.

The current process for applying for a TFN involves completing a form, printing it and then taking it with your identity documents to a post office. The myGovID pilot brings this entire process online, reducing the waiting time for a TFN from up to a month to just minutes.

Participants in the pilot will be the first people to set up a myGovID, and to use it for a real service.

More pilots with different government services will follow over the coming months, allowing more people and businesses to get a myGovID and test the program.  

Watch our video to get a simple overview of how people will experience myGovID.

[TITLE] Introducing myGovID

On screen: Illustration of woman on couch using mobile phone appears. Icons of shopping, paying bills and communicating float out of her phone. 

Narrator: You use your phone to shop, pay bills and keep up to date with friends and family.

On screen: Illustration of mobile phone with myGovID app icon appears. myGovID logo appears on screen.

Narrator: Soon your phone will also help you access government services -- with myGovID.

On screen: Illustration of myGovID logo and various identification cards (Medicare, Passport and Drivers Licence)

Narrator: myGovID is your digital identity. It’s like 100 points of ID which you can use to safely and securely access government services online.

On screen: myGovID mobile phone app appears. App flicks through the various screens to assist you in setting up an account and verifying your identity.

Narrator: Creating your myGovID is easy.

After downloading the app, start with your email address. A verification code will then be emailed to you.

You then need to enter the details from your identity documents like your Australian driver’s licence, passport or Medicare card. 

Your documents are checked against records the government already has.

On screen: myGovID mobile phone app appears. App flicks through the various steps to assist you in matching your face to your photo, including character taking selfie.   

Narrator: To set up your myGovID so it can be used to access government services that require a higher level of security, you’ll need to have your photo taken.

Your selfie is electronically checked against your passport photo and then it is discarded.

Your identity is verified and your myGovID is ready to use.

On screen: Illustration of myGovID logo attached to several different government services appears. Illustration of several characters queuing at government service shop front appears.

Narrator: You only need to go through these steps once.

Once it is set up, your myGovID can be used as your proof of identity when you use an online government service, so you don’t need to visit a shop front. It’s easy, safe and secure to just sign in with your myGovID.

On screen: Illustration of several characters appears, alongside some of the pilot programs: Youth Allowance, Australian Business Register, and Grant management.

Narrator: myGovID will be available more widely next year. Right now, a series of pilot programs is underway. We’re constantly testing and improving the system to make sure we’re delivering a secure experience that meets the needs of as many people as possible.

On screen: Illustration of initial woman on couch using mobile phone reappears. Icons of a baby, stethoscope, graduation hat, and car float out of her laptop representing having a baby, health, study and car registration services. Final screen appears reading ‘myGovID: makes accessing online government services simple, safe and secure’.

Narrator: Over time, myGovID will be connected to more and more online government services so you can get more done when you want, and where you want.

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